About Us


Marc & Julia (top of Mount Fuji, Japan)

We were two American, middle class, suburbanites who one day had an epiphany (or a massive mid-life crisis) and decided to live a life of experiences instead of a life of stuff, so we sold everything and moved to Budapest, Hungary. You can read the full story of how this all came to pass here.

This site chronicles our adventures and mishaps and is designed to allow our friends and family to keep track of the insanity.  Eat, Drink, and Carry a GPS arose from our realization that good food and drink can make a place great, conversely lousy food and drink can ruin even the best of places. 

And always carry a GPS (or at least a compass)…because it is awkward when you have to eat your friends.

If you choose to follow along, please consider yourself a friend, but understand that the information on this site is just our experiences and opinions. Please verify any information on this site before basing any decisions on it, especialy if you have been partaking in the Inspiration Punch.

Eat, Drink, and Carry a GPS!

Marc & Julia

P.S. If you follow our adventures and make it to Budapest, or really anywhere in Europe, drop us a line. We just might jump on a bike, train, plane, boat, trolly, bus etc. and join you for a day or two of your adventure...

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