Day 02: Nantes  to Montjean-Sur-Loire

13 June 2015
Distance: 75.4 km
Lodging: Promenade Camping  (N47.39184° W0.86979°)
GPS Download: Day 02 Nantes to Montjean-Sur-Loire.gpx

Les Machines de L'Île

Mechanical elephant at Les Machines de L'Île

Yes, it is a giant mechanical elephant that you can ride. The trunk is articulated and sprays water.

We stopped at an excellent boulangerie near Max and Flo’s for breakfast, “Artisan Boulangerie” (N47.18602° W1.58074°). Then a quick stop at Les Machines de L'Île to check out the giant mechanical elephant. Beautiful weather today! We did not climb the hill up into Champtoceaux to check out Coliniere Citadel and the Chateau. We did, however, cross the river to Oudon and stopped at the Oudon Citadel. We had a nice picnic lunch of sandwiches from the Artisan boulangerie patissier (N47.34602° W1.28699°) in Oudon. 

Camping and Bike Maintenance

We had planned to stay at Les Bebins camping; unfortunately,it was closed (and it appeared to be out of business). We biked on and stayed the night at Promenade Camping just short of Montjean-Sur-Loire.

Coliniere Citadel

Coliniere Citadel and the Chateau

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