Day 03: Montjean-Sur-Loire to Angers   

14 June 2015
Distance: 35.6 km
Lodging: Hotel Continental, Angers, France (N47.47032° W0.55229°)
GPS Download: Day 03 Montjean-Sur-Loire to Angers.gpx

Julia in Angers old town

This way to AngersIt started raining shortly after we got on the bikes and the rain picked up throughout the morning (We were glad it held off until we had the tent packed up.) Our original plan was to bypass Angers and continue on to Saumur; however, with the rain we decided to head into Angers and find a hotel for the night. 

Even with the rain,  it was a beautiful ride along the Loire then along the La Maine river up to Angers. We road into town and up to the Angers Tourist Information Office (N47.46927° W0.55788°). We used the free Wi-Fi at the excellent tourist office and with a little help from we had a bike friendly hotel for the night just up the street. After checking into Hotel Continental, it was off to tour the Chateau (N47.47041° W0.55927°) and cathedral. 

The Chateau houses the “Apocalypse Tapestry” ( and is definitely worth a visit! (Rent the audio guide, it makes a big difference when viewing the tapestry). Angers is a very nice town and we are glad the weather forced us to stop here.

Panoramic view of Angers

Angers, France

View from the Angers Chateau

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