Day 05: Saumur (Rest Day)

Tank at Musee Des Blindes

16 June 2015
Distance: 0km
Lodging: Hotel

Julia was feeling sick (bronchitis again) and stayed in bed while Marc headed out to the Musée Des Blindés (N47.24386° W0.07145°). It is a great museum of armored vehicles with many German WWII tanks. 

After the museum, Marc scouted for alternate routes out of town to avoid the big hill behind the Chateau. He found a cycleway down to the Bords de Loire that headed upstream along the river bank. He also managed to do laundry at the laundromat.

Scooter with recoiless rifle

Yup, a scooter with a recoiless rifle. Sort of blows our touring bikes away (hehehe, pun intended).

Saumur panoramic view

Saumur, France

View of the Loire from the Saumur Chateau

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