Day 12: Beaugency (Rest Day)

23 June 2015
Distance: 0km
Lodging: Relais des Templiers Hotel

Epicure Fine in Beaugency
Beaugency downtown

Beaugency is a seriously cute town!

We took a rest day in Beaugency. This is a cute little town! We had a great breakfast at our hotel (a big breakfast for France), then off to tour the town. We stopped at the Chateau which has been renovated in midieval style and checked out some great suits of armor.
We went to the cathedral which is small but important. There is a plaque in the cathedral commemorating the citizens who died in the world wars. There are a large grouping of names from a single day, June 14, 1944. Apparently, an allied bomb strike on the bridge at the foot of the town missed the bridge and landed in the village resulting in many civilian deaths. We walked down to the river to check out the “re-built” bridge. After the rather sobering cathedral and bridge we meandered into the town square and stopped for a lunch at Epicerie Fine,  a small wine bar specializing in local food, wine, and beer (N47.77713° E1.63123°).  We sampled the cheese plate and an excellent local craft brew.

cheese plate

We also experienced the intersection of French wine snobbery and French bicycle love. Marc went in to the wine store to buy a bottle for us to carry and drink on the next days route. The wine proprietor started to show him all the wines that would be “great in five years”. At which point Marc said, “I am looking for a wine to drink tonight”…cue scathing look from wine proprietor along with a very French sniff. Then Marc said, “I am biking the Loire and can only carry one bottle at time on my bike”…and suddenly the proprietor was all smiles, “Ah, of course, of course you can only carry one bottle.  Monsieur, you must look at these wines over here, they will be perfect for your ride!”  

Bikes won. 

Bridge in Beaugency

The “re-built” bridge in Beaugency

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