Day 15: Briare to Sancerre  

26 June 2015
Distance: 50.6 km
Lodging: Brit Hotel Le Clos St Martin (N47.33245° E2.83947°)
GPS Download: Day 15 Briare to Sancerre.gpx

Biking along the Canal latéral à la LoireWe spent much of the day biking along the tree shaded banks of the Canal latéral à la Loire. We stopped and bought baguette sandwiches and Pain au chocolat at Boulangerie Mosca (N47.50723° E2.85207°) with a short ride down to La Gabare des Saveures for coffee to go with the Pain au chocolat. We saved the sandwiches for later, the Pain au chocolate was sacrificed with the coffee. We stopped on the dike along the Loire and consumed our sandwiched, then made our way to Sancerre. 

a disturbing sign

The final climb up to Sancerre is brutal! There are two options for the final climb into town. The longer and “LIGTH” (sic) route has an incline of 5% and the “HARD” route has an incline of 45%. Guess which one we took? And no, it wasn’t the “HARD” route but it was still very hard! And hot! Julia may have had “a moment” at the top, and probably heat exhaustion. She felt better after a shower and some A/C at our hotel. We headed out to explore the town and to sample some of the excellent local wines. It may have been the chance to sample the Pouilly-Fumé that convinced her to leave the air conditioned room.

Biking along the Canal latéral à la Loire


the bridge before the final climb to Sancerre

The bridge before the final climb to Sancerre

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