Camino Portugués - We Wish We Had Walked This Route

Below are the daily routes we recommend based our own experiences and conversations with other pilgrims (i.e. if our day sucked but theirs didn’t). Please note this information was accurate as of September, 2014. 

Camino Portugues Full Recommended Route

Stage 01: Cathedral to Santa Apolonia Train Station (Then take train to Azambuja, DO NOT WALK TO AZAMBUJA)

Stage 02: Azambuja to Morgado (Arrange with hotel in Santarem to pick you up in Morgado)

Stage 03: Morgado to Santarem

Stage 04 morning: Santarem to Santarem Train Station (Take train to Valle de Figueria)

Stage 04 afternoon: Valle de Figueria Train Station to Golega

Stage 05: Golega to Atalaia

Stage 06: Atalaia to Tomar 

Stage 07: Tomar to Tojal (No lodging in Tojal, requires shuttle from Tomar or Ansiao)

Stage 08: Tojal to Ansiao

Stage 09: Ansiao to Rabacal

Stage 10: Rabacal to Condexia-a-Nova

Stage 11: Condexia-a-Nova to Coimbra

Stage 12: Coimbra to Mealhada

Stage 13: Mealhada to Agueda

Stage 14: Agueda to Albergaria-a-Velha

Stage 15: Albergaria to Oliveira de Azemeis

Stage 16: Oliveira to Grijo 

Stage 17: Grijo to Porto (Take Metro from Porto to Matosinhos)

Stage 18: Matosinhos to Vila do Conde

Stage 19: Vila do Conde to Pedra Furada

Stage 20: Pedra Furada to Fins

Stage 21: Fins to Ponte de Lima

Stage 22: Ponte de Lima to Rubiaes

Stage 23: Rubiaes to Valenca

Stage 24: Valenca to Tui

Stage 25: Tui to O Porrino (Following the new route that does not go through the city)

      Stage 25: Short detour on New Route to cafe Orbenelle (in case you are hungry because otherwise there is nothing for a while)

Stage 26: O Porrino to Arcade

Stage 27: Arcade to Portela

Stage 28: Portela to O Pino-Valga

Stage 29: O Pino to Francos

     Stage 29: Padron By-pass

Stage 30: Francos to Santiago de Compostela

Buen Camino!

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