Élesztő Craft Beer Bar

Wall of Beer choices at Élesztő

Élesztő wall of beer

Due to the everchanging beer selection the current brews available are written on a black board in chalk.

GPS: N47.48358 E19.07273

We have a new favorite place for beer: Élesztő Craft Beer Bar! We have been here a few times now and they always have great beer. Nothing is brewed on premises, but it is all local craft brews. There are currently twenty taps and  they plan to add a few more! Élesztő’s has a Ruin pub style (the building is over 100 years old and used to be a glass factory) with great beer at great prices. It is cheaper to buy draft beer at Élesztő’s than to buy the same beer in bottles at the bottle shop.  Due to the nature of the craft brew industry in Budapest, many of the brewers only create small batches and when it is gone, it is gone (unless you can convince the brewmaster to recreate the batch). Many of the brewmasters do hang around craft brew houses like Élesztő and are more than willing to discuss their beers with you, which provides an opportunity to convince them to make more of certain batch...

We were at Élesztő on February 25th (read the article on our residence permits and you will see why) and had a few beers. Julia really liked the Fekete Erdö (Black Forest) Porter, a dark slightly sweet porter with just a little bite (6%). Marc thought the Atlantis IPA (5.8%) was good, it had a moderate hoppy bitterness, but nothing compared to some of Colorado’s high hop IPA’s. And if you can’t decide what you want, all the beers are numbered 1-20 so just roll the 10 sided dice on the counter and go with whatever number comes up.


It was still a little cool in February to sit out on the patio, but it will be great once the weather is warm. Be sure to check out the lower level (to the left of the kegs and down the stairs) and notice how they created the tables (very clever but Julia mourns the loss of the armoires…) 

Élesztő’s is rated 3rd best bar with craft beer in Budapest by Ratebeer.com. Twenty ever changing beers on tap with styles that vary including Stout, IPA, Pilsner, wheat beers, Amber Ales, and a lot more. The staff is friendly and speaks good English, noting what we liked and offering tastes of the beer before ordering a liter. The outside garden (in ruin pub style) is great and does not feel overstuffed even if it's often busy. Élesztő is located next door to Trafó House of Contemporary Arts where we went to a modern dance performance and just around the corner from the Holocaust Memorial Center.

Élesztő Craft Beer

1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó utca 22., Hungary

(70) 233 5052

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