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A Bracelet in the Sand

This story is dedicated to
Lt Ashley M Guynn 710 BS 447th Bomb Group (H)
and all his crew past and present

A Bracelet in the Sand

Discovered 53 years after its owner was killed in action on April 27 1944, the orignial Bracelet in the Sand is on display at the 447th Bomber Group Memorial at Rattlesden Airfield England.

Ostend, Belgium - July, 1998

Son of a British WW2 RAF officer, …

Mohács Busó Festival

Ok, So we wussed out on this one and just provided the Facebook link (mostly because I had ALOT of fun taking pictures!)

Visiting Visegrád Castle

Visegrad Castle

Visegrád Castle

Visegrad Castle stairs

Entrance to the Upper Bailey of Visegrád Castle

Our day dawned bright and early…(actually we crawled out of bed around noon).  Feeling like complete bums we decided to get motivated and tackle an item on our …

Sisi’s Summer House (The Royal Palace of Gödöllő)

Royal Palace of Gödöllő

Godollo Castle

N47.59614, E19.34773

The town of Gödöllő, about 28 km from Budapest, is home to the 250-year-old Gödöllő Királyi Kastély, one of the largest palaces in Hungary and a beautiful example …

Beetles, Baby Goats, and Drégely Castle

Drégely Castle


We finally made it to Drégely Castle! The morning dawned crisp and clear and, after bidding our first couch surfer a fond farewell, we headed to Nyugati train station …

Drégely Castle Recon Hike

Rural Hungary…and Goats


Yup that is a big male goat…you can probably smell him just from the photo

At some point in the near future (weather dependant) we will be leading a small group hike to Drégely Castle near the Slovakian border.  Since we had never been there, …

Hungarian Residence Permit (we are in!)

Schengen Area

Schengen Zone

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

 On Tuesday, February 4th 2014 we applied for our Hungarian Residence Permit. This is the document/visa/permit that allows us to stay in Hungary …

Bronchitis in Budapest

Our greatest apologies to our loyal friends who are living vicariously through us, we know it has been a while since we posted. The last few weeks have been consumed …

Photos of a Snowy Budapest

Earlier in the week it snowed and we took to the streets to experience Budapest draped in a snowy cape!  Since there isn’t much of a story other than we walked all …

Budapest and Brews (Craft Microbrews that is)

Jónás Craft Beer House

Marc and his Babushka Cart

We spent the day rearranging furniture in the apartment and cleaning, and then cleaning some more; this was definately a college apartment before we moved in. About …

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