Sisi’s Summer House (The Royal Palace of Gödöllő)

Royal Palace of Gödöllő

Godollo Castle

N47.59614, E19.34773

The town of Gödöllő, about 28 km from Budapest, is home to the 250-year-old Gödöllő Királyi Kastély, one of the largest palaces in Hungary and a beautiful example of Hungarian Baroque architecture. The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy's ruling couple, Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Queen Elizabeth (known as Sissi or Sisi) frequently summered here. After years of neglect, most of the building has been restored to its former glory. The restoration showcases  different periods in the history of the building. Some sections are done in the original design, while others have been restored to to the time period of Franz Joseph and Sisi, all of which provide a fascinating glimpse into the decorative arts as they evolvled over time. Classical concerts and major festivals are now organized in the state rooms and the ceremonial court of the Palace. The grounds have been redone and feature beautiful walking paths open to the public.

Godollo Back

To get there, take the commuter train (HEV) from Örs Vesér tere (the end stop of M2, red metro line). It is just a short walk through the underpass to get from the metro station to the HEV station where you can purchase a ticket to
Gödöllő (the ticket office is the round building at the top of the stairs to the left as you exit the underpass). A round-trip ticket to Gödöllő costs HUF 1400, but there is a discount if you have a daily or monthly metro pass so be sure to show your pass to the ticket agent (about HUF 740 RT with the pass). The message board over the tracks will indicate which train is going to Gödöllő.

Get off the train at Gödöllö/Szabadság tér, this will be the 2nd stop after all the trees, looking out the right side of the train you will see the top of the palace. The train trip takes about 30 minutes. It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the Palace from the train stop, the Palace is just across the street from the station. 

Once at the Castle, an adult ticket for the Permanent exhibition (the main tourist part of the castle) costs HUF 2200, and be sure to get an audio guide (HUF 800). Although a lot of the signs are in 4 languages (English included), the audio guide does a good job with additional explanations and history. The Permanent Exhibition tour ends at the cafe, which features fabulous coffee and amazing desserts!

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